Name: Rajesh Nair

Designation: Founder and CEO
Company: Yuvo Pte Ltd.

In retrospect, anyone can be an expert but when you set out to be an entrepreneur, it’s a scary slippery slope you have decided to climb⛰️. It would be difficult to cite every single factor that could bring you success but if I were to name a few, the list would include Strategy, Timing, Execution, Funds, team, Market size, Luck, and so on.

However, to me, the most important factor that defines success – be it in business or any walk of life, is your mindset. Your mindset prepares you for the hard work you need to do to achieve your goals🎯, not be disheartened by your failures, be in learning mode constantly, and be humble, patient, honest, and empathetic. This mindset can turn anyone into a success story. In today’s uncertain world, everyone needs to adopt this mindset, irrespective of whether you are an employer, employee, student, or self-employed. This will help us all be the best versions of ourselves.

As a Singaporean entrepreneur, I have lived through SARS, the Gulf War, The Global Financial Crisis, and now COVID-19. My business has see-sawed from dizzying heights of success to abysmal failure and everything in between. Currently, I am on my latest venture – Yuvo, and my team & I are committed to doing our best, to survive this crisis and come out successful at the other end.

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