Name: Author Sherry

Position: Founder
Company: MS Talks ® and Public Speaking Institute®

“The cave you enter to fear holds the treasure you seek”

Life has several crossroads it’s your choice to decide which to thread. Some decisions bring disappointment and others might lead to success. Those who face disappointments and raise again are the best illustrations for others to preach never give up on anything despite failures because at times success can be achieved even from defeat.

13 years ago Author Sherry left his job in Dubai and came back to India. This disappointment of giving up his job has made him go into a depression and led his life in isolation. He avoided taking calls or meeting people. He stopped social instructions completely. He spoke only with his wife and daughter. The depression was so severe that at times he cried to close the doors. Their only preoccupation was his access to Radio and YouTube. He felt lonely with no work or money, and life got tough.

Then, one fine day, he turned on a radio channel a radio jockey said something that struck him and it kept resonating.

You relax on the plane even though you don’t know the pilot
You relax on a ship even though you don’t know the captain
You relax on a bus even though you don’t know the driver
Why don’t you relax in life knowing that the universe is in control?

That hit him like a tornado and he started working on his maths. The very next day his wife came to his room and said, “it’s your best friend Kunal on the line, and he is desperate to talk to you”. I greeted him saying Hello. He said,” bhai phone kyu nahi utha raha”, I said I don’t know what happened to me and disconnected. He made a surprise visit to his home the same evening and I shared what he poured out and what he was going through. His friend suggested to read the book – ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho DeSouza which left a deep impact on him, and he kept reading it and many other books on self-help that helped him to overcome his depression.

He resumed his life with new hopes, new ideas, and new beginnings.

Alongside his new job, he also started expressing himself through writing and the journey of writing began successfully. He observed the behaviors, situations, and mindsets of people around him and wrote biographical essays. He became an international blogger, and a columnist, and finally became an author, coach, and a global professional speaker.

He has been honored by the Prime Minister of India recently.

And now he works as an;

  • International Public Speaking Coach and Mentor. He had trained more than 60,000 people as Public Speakers across 23+ countries.
  • Appointed as Mentor of Change, NITI Aayog, Government of India. He has trained over 2 lacs individuals across more than 23 countries.
  • He is the Founder & Chairman of the ‘Institute of Professional Speaking’ with a mission to create 1 million public speakers by 2030.
  • He is also the Founder & CEO – of MS Talks – A public speaking platform given to more than 60,000 public speakers across the world. He is reputed as Global Professional Speaker,
  • 11 times International TEDx Speaker, 4 times Josh Talks Speaker, Author of International Best Sellers, authored 10 books, delivered 1000+ talks in 100+ corporates across 18+ countries.
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