Name: Evelyn Chow

Designation: Founder of the HR consultancy DecodeHR

As a child, one of my favourite playtime activities🧩 was to pretend to run a business, whether it was a bookshop or an eatery. I had always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, and today, as the founder of the HR consultancy DecodeHR, I am very blessed to be able to do what I am doing.

I studied public relations at university, but I gravitated towards HR because I am inspired by people, which has always resonated with me. It is the people in a company🏢 who can make a real difference in the impact that a business can create, which is why our DecodeHR tagline is “Accelerating Your People Edge”.

It is said that time flies, which is why I find it hard to believe that DecodeHR, which was founded in 2011, has just turned 10! It has been an incredibly fulfilling journey. I did not start with ambitious expectations, but the company has grown organically over the years.

From a one-man show, we now have a diverse team of 11 staff including one in the Netherlands. We have clients from all over the world and have worked on some projects we are really proud of, and we have created a community of nearly 40 tech partners so we can connect our clients🧍 with the best HR tech solutions. While it has been very satisfying to work with our external clients and partners🤝, I would say that it is the dedication of the DecodeHR team which has been our winning formula.

I constantly think about how we can grow as a team, try to make our firm’s vision as clear as possible, and see that we have a sound strategy to pursue it. Hence, what differentiates DecodeHR is that we are passionate about pursuing quality and we are very committed to our clients. Our amazing team still blows me away!

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