Name: Vipinder Kour Rai

Position: Global Educator for Personality Development & Communication Skills/Psychologist/Author/Founding Member
Company: Skillconnectance

Let me take you back to the “Valley of Kashmir”, where my story begins. It was a site marked by bloodshed, turmoil, and disturbed routines as a result of unexpected curfews. Nonetheless, in the midst of the mayhem, I found myself driven by the steadfast energy of my greatest inspiration – my parents!

My mother supported me since the beginning, encouraging me to speak up and be heard, whether it was in an ordinary conversation or a daunting public address. My father’s contribution to my value should never be overlooked. My father always encouraged my mother to raise their daughters as if they were sons. He always wanted his daughters to be the decision-makers in their own lives, therefore with the blessings of my mother and father, I am marching towards living a purposeful life today.

The atmosphere of distress in Kashmir may have disappointed me, but it stimulated my interest. I desired to comprehend the minds behind such carnage, and my curiosity grew with time.

We claim that “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

As my desire to understand the world around me grew stronger and deeper, I found myself drawn into the field of personality development.

I wanted to study human behavior so that I could better understand why conflicts occur and the psychological aspects of war. The more I explored this subject, the clearer my path became. In an unforeseen turn of events, I became a personality development coach and public speaker with a desire to encourage others to create positive changes in themselves and their societies.

Today, my voice no longer murmurs against the backdrop of upheaval; it echoes with purpose, ringing through the air as a call to action. I inspire others to embrace self-improvement, polish their souls from within, and create a brighter future by drawing strength from my mother’s wisdom and the obstacles I endured. As a result, my story comes full circle, reminding us that adversity does not define us; it is our actions that do. In a world where upheaval is the norm, our voices can act as compasses, steering us toward a brighter future.

Looking back on my trip, one remark stands out: I came from a small city in Kashmir a testament that perseverance, even in the face of adversity, can illuminate the way for others to follow.

My Myntra: “Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.”
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