Name: Dr. Richa Gulati

Position: Lecturer
Company: Business School University of Adelaide

Dedication and commitment are synonyms to a certain degree; irrespective of what you say, they are the key! It doesn’t matter what the work’s stature is; commitment is vital for contribution. Even passion doesn’t flourish if you don’t commit to it in turn, it remains a hobby only.

I come from a humble middle-class background in Delhi, India. After schooling, I moved to Singapore to pursue my bachelors in IT. As a fresh school pass-out at that stage, I wanted to explore a new environment, get a good education, and start my career. One thing I was always clear about was being “self-dependent.” I invested in myself and committed to growing, in turn, to achieve “independence.” Being independent is being able to support yourself through $ value and emotionally, skills-wise, and mentally. It is a journey, and you grow along the way!

After my bachelor’s, I started working for a Dutch firm, yet the zeal to grow continued. I moved on to working for more prominent names in the industry and finishing my Executive MBA. I was always curious to know about things. When it came to a career, there was always a curiosity about what will be next. Where will this path lead to? Could I do something creative in a specific domain? And this is how I did my Ph.D. I was happily waiting for a promotion when the growth-hungry part of me said, you have been managing projects for a decade. Why don’t you get a PMP certification? While preparing for the same, I found a gap that I then tried to contribute towards with my research. I moved to Adelaide, Australia, for my second master’s degree and Ph.D.

Currently, I lecture on project management subjects at the University of Adelaide. Alongside this, I do projects with industry projects and am an active researcher as well. Most importantly, I am still growing. I look out to learn new things and use them. I have achieved a certain level of “independence” and enjoy imparting that to my students. But there is still room for more! Don’t stop growing, commit and contribute, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Without enjoyment, you will have a story make it a bestseller; only you can do it. 

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